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Building an art collection can be an immensely satisfying and rewarding experience. However, art needs to be wisely selected with professional advice. With 48 years’ experience Fine Art Society director Grant Bezett has the knowledge and contacts to source whatever art is of interest to you.  Assisting clients to build collections that express their own individuality, within their budgetary parameters, providing as much provenance and scholarly background as possible on each work.

We can also offer professional advice on restoration, framing, safe storage, hanging and all other aspects of collecting art.

Below are some of the categories of art we handle
54 Walter Wright.jpg

Early New Zealand 

Lyttelton Port 20x30 print 2.jpg

Sean Garwood

321 Mt Sefton & Kea.jpg

Aston Greathead

1964 Disintergration of a Model T.JPG

20thC New Zealand 

246 Shearing pencil+wc 26x36.jpg

Ron Stenberg

Galien Laloue Flower Marche.jpg

European 19th & 20thC

Sean Garwood
Fine Art Prints

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