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Fine Art Society New Zealand  supplyed artworks for an exhibition at 'The Welcome Swallow Gallery' which opened on 12th May and ran through to 30th June, featuring three of our well-known artists.

As you may be aware the Aesthete Gallery in Hamilton sadly closed its doors at the end of last year and so we are now supplying some of the artist's works previously sold there to this gallery in Hamilton East.

Drawn from Life cover.jpg

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2022 Auction Catalogue cover.jpg

Past Auction

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online  pdf versions of past catalogues. 

Waikato Auction 2022

2020 Auction Catalogue Cover.jpg

Waikato Auction 2020

2019 Auction Catalogue Cover pic.jpg

Waikato Auction 2019

2018 Auction Catalogue Cover_Page_1.jpg

Waikato Auction 2018

Capto_Capture 2019-02-17_03-15-30_PM.jpg

Waikato Auction 2017

Koula auction catalogue_Page_01.jpg

Koula Collection Auction

Fine Art in the Bay 2018 Catalogue_Page_

Tauranga Auction 2018


Waikato Auction 2016


Waikato Auction 2015


Waikato Auction 2014


Tauranga Auction 2014


Arthur Dagley 2013

2013_sep_6891_fas wai_cat_fow.jpg

Waikato Auction 2013


Waikato Auction 2012


Waikato Auction 2011


Waikato Auction 2010


Waikato Auction 2009


Waikato November 2008


Waikato June 2008

Tauranga catalogue cover.jpg

Tauranga Auction 2008

Waikato Auction 07 cat_Page_01.jpg

Waikato Auction 2007

Fine Art Society stages art auctions in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty 
If you wish to enter artworks in one of our auctions or if you wish to be notified of upcoming auctions, please contact us or join our mailing list

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