Sean painting in his Nelson studio

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NZ  Maritime History 
Sean Garwood

Nelson Artist Sean Garwood was born in England and grew up in Western Australia. From a very young age he was influenced by his father’s highly successful full-time painting career.  Growing up on the coast near the Port town of Fremantle, Sean spent a lot of time sketching amongst Fremantle’s rich maritime heritage. During this time his father was exhibiting his work throughout Australia and later New Zealand.  Thoughts of becoming a full-time artist like his father were put on hold as the natural progression of a boyhood dream to become a Ship’s Master became a reality. After arriving in New Zealand at the age of 15, he became the country's youngest Deep-Sea Master at only 21 with a crew of 45.

The family has a rich maritime history including being a descendant of Admiral Eliab Harvey, who was Captain of the Temeraire at the battle of Trafalgar.  The earlier family name was Harvey – Garwood.

During his many years on the sea Sean never lost the inspiration to take up a full-time painting career which eventuated in 2006. Sketching from an early age, Sean is largely self-taught, as was his father, who naturally had a strong Influence his earlier work. The other artist whose work was especially attractive to Sean is the famous American artist, Andrew Wyeth.

Sean is drawn to objects that have a lot character and detail, subjects that have weathered and taken on an individual character.  Nature has eroded and sculptured these textures which are so enjoyable to paint. He presents his art with a straight forward frankness that requires no verbal interpretation.

Sean along with his wife Ligliana and two daughters currently reside on a country property in Nelson where he also enjoys sailing in his own classic boat, 'Tinker' around Nelson Harbour.